Troubleshooting Starfield: How to Fix No Clip Bug and Fly Straight to the Quest Marker

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1. The Purpose of the “tcl” Console Command in Starfield

1. The Purpose of the "tcl" Console Command in Starfield

The “tcl” console command in Starfield serves as a cheat code that allows players to toggle the clipping feature on and off. When clipping is turned off, it means that the player’s character can move through solid objects such as walls, floors, and doors. This can be particularly useful when encountering bugs or glitches where enemies or quest markers become inaccessible due to being stuck behind or inside environmental objects.

By typing “tcl” into the console and activating it, players can navigate through obstacles and reach their intended destinations without being hindered by physical barriers. This command provides a quick workaround for situations where quests cannot be completed due to enemies clipping through the floor or doorways.

However, it is important to note that using cheats like “tcl” may impact the intended gameplay experience and immersion. It is generally recommended to use these commands sparingly and only when necessary to progress past game-breaking bugs or glitches.

Benefits of using the “tcl” command:

– Allows players to bypass obstacles caused by enemies clipping through floors or other objects.
– Provides a workaround for game-breaking bugs or glitches that prevent quest completion.
– Saves time by avoiding lengthy troubleshooting processes or reloading earlier saves.

Potential drawbacks of using the “tcl” command:

– Can disrupt the intended challenge and immersion of the game.
– May lead to unintended consequences or further glitches if used excessively.
– Should be used responsibly and as a last resort solution when encountering significant issues in gameplay progression.

2. Opening the Console in Starfield to Access Cheats and Commands

To access cheats and commands in Starfield, players can open the console by pressing either the tilde key (~) located under the escape key or the “@” key depending on their keyboard layout. The console allows players to input various commands and cheat codes to modify their gameplay experience.

Once the console is open, players can type in specific commands such as “tcl” for toggling clipping or “tgm” for enabling God mode. These cheats can be used to overcome bugs, glitches, or challenging situations that impede progress.

Steps to open the console in Starfield:

1. Press the tilde key (~) or the “@” key on your keyboard.
2. The console should appear at the top or bottom of the screen.
3. Type in the desired command, such as “tcl” for toggling clipping or “tgm” for God mode.
4. Press enter to execute the command and apply its effect.
5. Close the console by pressing the tilde key (~) or “@” again.

List of commonly used cheats and console commands in Starfield:

– “tcl”: Toggles clipping, allowing movement through objects.
– “tgm”: Activates God mode, granting invincibility and unlimited resources.
– “killall”: Kills all nearby enemies.
– “player.additem [item code] [quantity]”: Adds an item to the player’s inventory with a specified quantity.
– “set timescale [value]”: Adjusts the speed of time in-game (e.g., set timescale 10 speeds up time by a factor of 10).
– “resurrect”: Revives a dead character or enemy.

It’s important to note that cheats and console commands are typically intended for single-player experiences and using them may disable achievements or impact multiplayer aspects if applicable.

3. Understanding Enemies “Clipping Through the Floor” in Starfield

3. Understanding Enemies "Clipping Through the Floor" in Starfield

In Starfield, players have reported encountering a bug where enemies can sometimes clip through the floor, making it difficult to complete quests or progress in the game. This bug can be frustrating for players as it disrupts their gameplay experience and forces them to find alternative solutions.

One possible workaround for this issue is to use the console commands in Starfield. By opening the console using the tilde key (~) or @, players can enter the command “tcl” to turn off clipping. This allows them to bypass obstacles and reach their quest markers without being hindered by enemies stuck beneath floors.

However, it’s important to note that using cheats or console commands like “tcl” may affect the overall balance and progression of the game. Players should consider these options as last resorts when encountering bugs that impede their progress.


– Open the console using the tilde key (~) or @.
– Enter the command “tcl” to disable clipping.
– Navigate through obstacles and reach quest markers.


– Save your game before using console commands to avoid any unintended consequences.
– Report this bug to Bethesda Game Studios so they are aware of the issue and can address it in future updates.

4. Impact of Using Cheats like “tgm” on Gameplay Progression in Starfield

4. Impact of Using Cheats like "tgm" on Gameplay Progression in Starfield

Cheating has been a controversial aspect in gaming communities, with players often divided on its impact on gameplay progression. In Starfield, cheats like “tgm” (God mode) can significantly alter the difficulty and challenge of the game.

When activating God mode using “tgm,” players become invincible and gain unlimited resources such as health, ammo, and energy. While this can be enticing for those who want to breeze through the game or explore without any restrictions, it may diminish the overall experience and sense of achievement.

Using cheats like “tgm” in Starfield ultimately depends on individual preferences. Some players may enjoy the freedom and unlimited power it offers, allowing them to focus more on exploration and storytelling. However, for others seeking a more authentic and challenging gameplay experience, relying on cheats might undermine their satisfaction.

Effects of using “tgm” cheat:

– Invincibility: Players cannot be harmed by enemies or environmental hazards.
– Unlimited resources: Health, ammo, and energy are not depleted.
– Reduced challenge: Combat encounters become easier, potentially diminishing the sense of achievement.

Considerations when using cheats:

– Personal preference: Decide whether using cheats aligns with your desired gameplay experience.
– Impact on progression: Cheats like “tgm” may affect the intended difficulty curve and pacing of the game.
– Balance and immersion: Evaluate how cheats can impact the overall balance and immersion in Starfield.

5. Known Bugs or Glitches in Starfield Related to Quest Markers or Doors

Like any complex video game, Starfield has its share of bugs and glitches that can hinder players’ progress. Some known issues revolve around quest markers not functioning correctly or doors causing obstacles that prevent completion of quests.

Players have reported instances where quest markers display incorrect locations or change positions erratically. This can lead to confusion and frustration as players struggle to find the intended objectives. Additionally, some doors may become bugged, preventing access to essential areas needed for quest progression.

While Bethesda Game Studios continues to work on addressing these issues through updates, players have found temporary workarounds to bypass these bugs. One such workaround is to use console commands like “tcl” to disable clipping and navigate through doors or obstacles. However, these solutions are not ideal and may impact the intended gameplay experience.

Known Bugs:

– Quest marker discrepancies: Quest markers may display incorrect locations or change positions intermittently.
– Door glitches: Some doors may become bugged, preventing access to crucial areas.

Temporary Workaround:

– Use console commands like “tcl” to disable clipping and bypass door glitches.
– Report bugs to Bethesda Game Studios for timely fixes.

6. Frequency of New Bugs Appearing in Starfield, According to Reddit User’s Experience

6. Frequency of New Bugs Appearing in Starfield, According to Reddit User

The emergence of new bugs in Starfield has been a topic of discussion among players on Reddit. One user shared their experience, noting a concerning trend where they initially encountered approximately one bug per day but soon started experiencing three bugs daily, which eventually escalated to ten bugs daily.

While this anecdotal evidence from a single Reddit user cannot be generalized, it raises awareness about the potential existence of significant bugs in Starfield. It’s important for players to stay informed about updates and patch notes released by Bethesda Game Studios in order to track bug fixes and improvements.

Players are encouraged to report any bugs they encounter directly to Bethesda Game Studios. This helps the development team identify and address issues more effectively, leading to a smoother gameplay experience for all Starfield users.

Reddit User’s Experience:

– Initial bug frequency: Approximately one bug per day.
– Escalation: Increased to three bugs daily, then further increased to ten bugs daily.


– Stay updated: Regularly check for updates and patch notes from Bethesda Game Studios.
– Report bugs: Provide detailed information about encountered bugs to Bethesda for better bug tracking and fixing.

7. Official Subreddit or Community for Elite Dangerous, Another Mentioned Space Game

Elite Dangerous, another popular space game, has its own dedicated subreddit and community where players can engage in discussions, share experiences, and seek assistance. This official unofficial subreddit for Elite Dangerous serves as a hub for fans of the game to connect with each other.

The Elite Dangerous subreddit provides a platform for players to discuss various aspects of the game, including gameplay strategies, updates, news, and even direct engagement with developers who occasionally browse the subreddit. It creates a sense of community among players and offers a space for sharing tips, tricks, and memorable stories from their adventures in the vast universe of Elite Dangerous.

Official Subreddit:

– Visit the official unofficial subreddit for Elite Dangerous: [r/EliteDangerous](

Alternative Platforms:

– Discord: Join the [Elite Dangerous Discord]( server.
– Other platforms: Explore alternative platforms like Kbin, Lemmy, and Squabbles mentioned in the Starfield post to connect with fellow Elite Dangerous players.

By providing dedicated spaces for discussion and interaction, these communities foster a sense of camaraderie among players who share a passion for space exploration games like Starfield and Elite Dangerous.

In conclusion, Starfield’s no clip feature offers players an unprecedented level of freedom and exploration in a vast and immersive universe. With the ability to seamlessly traverse through objects and terrain, players can truly experience the game world like never before. This groundbreaking feature is set to revolutionize open-world gaming and elevate the player’s sense of adventure to new heights.

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