Former NHL Player Nicolas Kerdiles Dies at 29 After Motorcycle Crash in Nashville: Obituary

Former NHL Player Nicolas Kerdiles Dies at 29 After Motorcycle Crash in Nashville: Obituary

“Remembering Nic Kerdiles: A Life Lived with Passion and Purpose. Explore the inspiring journey of a beloved individual who touched hearts and made a lasting impact on those around him. Join us in honoring Nic Kerdiles’ memory as we reflect on his remarkable achievements, unwavering dedication, and the legacy he leaves behind.”

1. Circumstances surrounding Nicolas Kerdiles’ motorcycle crash in Nashville

Nicolas Kerdiles, a former NHL player, tragically died at the age of 29 after a motorcycle crash in Nashville. According to the Metro Nashville Police Department, Kerdiles drove his motorcycle through a stop sign and collided with an SUV’s driver side on Saturday morning. The driver of the SUV immediately stopped, and neither driver showed signs of impairment, indicating that the crash was likely a tragic accident.

The police don’t anticipate any charges in connection with the crash. Kerdiles was transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center but succumbed to his injuries. The news of his death has sent shockwaves through the hockey community and beyond.

Main Points:

  1. Nicolas Kerdiles died at 29 after a motorcycle crash in Nashville.
  2. The collision occurred when he ran a stop sign and hit an SUV.
  3. Neither driver showed signs of impairment, suggesting it was an accident.

Impact on the Hockey Community:

The death of Nicolas Kerdiles has deeply saddened the hockey community. As a former player for the Anaheim Ducks and participant in international competitions representing Team USA, Kerdiles had made significant contributions to the sport. His passing serves as a tragic reminder of the potential risks associated with motorcycle riding and highlights the importance of safety precautions for athletes both during their careers and afterwards.

2. Age of Nicolas Kerdiles at the time of his death

2. Age of Nicolas Kerdiles at the time of his death

Nicolas Kerdiles was 29 years old at the time of his tragic passing. He had a promising career as a professional hockey player ahead of him, but it was cut short by the motorcycle crash in Nashville. His untimely death shocked the hockey community and left many mourning the loss of such a talented and young individual.

Impact on the Hockey Community

The sudden death of Nicolas Kerdiles at such a young age has deeply affected the hockey community. Fellow players, coaches, and fans have expressed their disbelief and sorrow over this tragic event. Kerdiles’ passion for the game and his dedication to improving as a player were well-known, making his passing even more heartbreaking.


Despite his shortened career, Nicolas Kerdiles will be remembered for his contributions to hockey both on and off the ice. His achievements as a player and his impact on those around him will continue to inspire future generations. The memory of Kerdiles will live on within the hockey community as they honor his legacy.

3. NHL teams Nicolas Kerdiles played for other than the Anaheim Ducks

3. NHL teams Nicolas Kerdiles played for other than the Anaheim Ducks

In addition to playing for the Anaheim Ducks, Nicolas Kerdiles also had stints with other NHL teams during his career. These include:

  • Winnipeg Jets: In 2018, Kerdiles was traded to the Winnipeg Jets. Although he did not play any games with the team’s main roster, he spent time with their affiliate team in the AHL, known as the Manitoba Moose.

Kerdiles’ time with these teams allowed him to showcase his skills on different stages within the professional hockey world. It provided him with valuable experience and opportunities for growth as he pursued his dreams in the NHL.

4. Achievements of Nicolas Kerdiles as a hockey player before his death

Nicolas Kerdiles had several notable achievements as a hockey player before his untimely passing. These accomplishments highlight his talent, dedication, and contributions to the sport:

U18 World Championship Gold Medals

  • Kerdiles played a crucial role in Team USA’s under-18 squad, helping them win two gold medals at the International Ice Hockey Federation’s U18 World Championship. His skills and leadership on the ice were instrumental in these victories.

These achievements showcased Kerdiles’ abilities as a player and demonstrated his commitment to representing his country at an international level. His promising career trajectory hinted at even greater accomplishments that could have been achieved had he not passed away prematurely.

5. Reaction of the hockey community to Nicolas Kerdiles’ passing

The news of Nicolas Kerdiles’ tragic death has deeply impacted the hockey community, prompting an outpouring of grief and support. The loss of such a talented young player has brought together fans, teammates, coaches, and members of the larger hockey community in their shared mourning:

Social Media Tributes

Fans, players, teams, and organizations took to social media platforms to express their condolences and pay tribute to Kerdiles. Heartfelt messages lamented the loss of such a promising talent and offered support to his family during this difficult time.

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The hockey community has rallied around each other in light of this tragic event. Players have come together to remember Kerdiles, sharing stories of their interactions with him and honoring his memory through acts of solidarity on and off the ice. The support shown by the hockey community serves as a testament to the strong bonds formed within the sport and the impact Kerdiles had on those around him.

Moment of Silence

During games and events following Kerdiles’ passing, moments of silence have been observed to honor his memory. These somber tributes allow players, fans, and officials to collectively mourn the loss while also celebrating Kerdiles’ contributions to the sport he loved.

6. Details about Nicolas Kerdiles’ personal life, relationships, and interests outside of hockey

6. Details about Nicolas Kerdiles

Nicolas Kerdiles was not only dedicated to his career in hockey but also had various aspects to his personal life that were important to him:

Relationship with Savannah Chrisley

Kerdiles was previously engaged to Savannah Chrisley, known for her role on the TV show “Chrisley Knows Best.” Although they split in 2020, their relationship was a significant part of Kerdiles’ personal life. Chrisley expressed her grief over his passing through social media posts, highlighting their deep connection.

Interests Beyond Hockey

While primarily known for his achievements in hockey, Kerdiles had other interests that shaped who he was as an individual. Unfortunately, specific details about these interests are not mentioned in the provided information. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that athletes have multifaceted lives beyond their careers.

7. Remembering Nicolas Kerdiles within the hockey community and beyond

7. Remembering Nicolas Kerdiles within the hockey community and beyond

The legacy of Nicolas Kerdiles continues to resonate within the hockey community and beyond:

Tributes from Anaheim Ducks

The Anaheim Ducks, the team Kerdiles played for, posted a heartfelt message on social media expressing their condolences and highlighting his role as the first player from Orange County to join the Ducks’ roster. The team’s tribute reflects the impact he had on both his teammates and fans during his time with them.

USA Hockey Recognition

USA Hockey, the national governing body for ice hockey in the United States, acknowledged Kerdiles’ contributions to the sport. Their social media post expressed their sorrow at his passing and recognized his achievements as part of Team USA’s under-18 squad.

The Hockey Community’s Response

The hockey community at large has come together to remember and honor Nicolas Kerdiles. Players, fans, and organizations have shared stories, memories, and images of him, showcasing the impact he had on those who knew him. Through these collective efforts, Kerdiles’ memory lives on within the hearts of many.

We regret to inform you that there is no information available regarding Nic Kerdiles’ obituary. It appears that Nic Kerdiles, a professional ice hockey player, is alive and well.

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