Former Fiancé of Nic Kerdiles, Savannah Chrisley, Mourns Tragic Motorcycle Accident

Nic Kerdiles, Professional Hockey Player, Involved in Motorcycle Accident: Discover the Latest Updates on His Condition and Recovery.”

1. Nic Kerdiles’ Motorcycle Accident: When and Where Did It Occur?

1. Nic Kerdiles

Nic Kerdiles’ motorcycle accident occurred in Nashville on Saturday. The accident took place at the intersection of 14th Avenue North at Wheless Street. According to reports, the collision happened around 3:30 a.m.


  • Date: Saturday
  • Location: Intersection of 14th Avenue North at Wheless Street, Nashville
  • Time: Around 3:30 a.m.

This tragic incident has left many grieving for Nic Kerdiles, and his loved ones are mourning the loss of this beloved individual.

2. Nic Kerdiles’ Motorcycle Accident: How Old Was He at the Time?

Nic Kerdiles was 29 years old at the time of his motorcycle accident. It is a heartbreaking loss as he was still in the prime of his life and had a bright future ahead of him.

Age at the Time of Accident:

  • Nic Kerdiles: 29 years old

The suddenness and unexpected nature of this tragedy have deepened the sense of shock and sadness felt by those who knew him personally or admired him from afar.

3. Savannah Chrisley’s Emotional Expressions Following Nic Kerdiles’ Accident

Savannah Chrisley, Nic Kerdiles’ ex-fiancé, has been expressing her grief and emotions following his tragic motorcycle accident. She posted a boomerang video on her Instagram Stories showing herself kissing Nic, accompanied by a heartfelt caption expressing hope that he would respond to her text message.

Savannah also shared a photo of them holding hands on the beach, captioned with a message about heaven gaining “the most beautiful angel” and her profound love for him. She mentioned that she would cherish their last messages of “I love you” and requested a sign from him to let her know he is okay.

Savannah Chrisley’s Emotional Expressions:

  • Boomerang video of kissing Nic
  • Photo of them holding hands on the beach
  • Heartfelt captions expressing grief and love
  • Request for a sign from him in the future

These emotional expressions highlight the deep connection Savannah had with Nic and the impact his loss has had on her.

4. Collision Details: Nic Kerdiles’ Motorcycle vs SUV

4. Collision Details: Nic Kerdiles

Nic Kerdiles was involved in a fatal collision between his motorcycle and an SUV at the intersection of 14th Avenue North at Wheless Street in Nashville. According to the preliminary investigation conducted by Metro Nashville Police, the accident occurred around 3:30 a.m. when Kerdiles ran a stop sign while riding his Indian Motorcycle west on Wheless Street. The collision took place as he struck the driver’s side of a BMW SUV.

The details surrounding the collision are still being investigated, but it is important to note that no signs of impairment were detected at the scene from either driver. This suggests that neither party involved was under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the time of the accident.

Factors contributing to the Collision:

  1. Failure to stop at a stop sign: One of the key factors leading to this collision was Nic Kerdiles’ failure to stop at a stop sign, which resulted in him colliding with the SUV.
  2. Intersection visibility: It is crucial for investigators to assess whether there were any visibility issues at this particular intersection, such as obscured road signs or poor lighting conditions, that may have contributed to the accident.
  3. Speeding: While not specifically mentioned in preliminary reports, it is possible that excessive speed played a role in the collision. Further investigation will determine if this was a contributing factor.

5. Impairment Indication: Any Signs from the Drivers Involved in the Accident?

In situations like these, determining whether impairment played a role is crucial for understanding what led to such tragic accidents. In this case, both Nic Kerdiles and the driver of the BMW SUV showed no signs of impairment at the scene, according to Metro Nashville Police.

The absence of signs of impairment suggests that both drivers were sober and not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This information is essential in establishing a clear understanding of the events leading up to the collision and helps rule out impaired driving as a contributing factor in this tragic incident.

Signs of Impairment Investigation:

  • Field Sobriety Tests: It is likely that law enforcement officers conducted field sobriety tests on both drivers involved to ascertain their level of impairment.
  • Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Tests: Blood samples may have been taken from each driver to determine their blood alcohol content levels at the time of the accident.
  • Witness Statements: Statements from witnesses present at the scene could provide additional insights into any observed indications of impairment prior to or immediately after the collision.

6. Nic Kerdiles’ Post-Accident Condition and Hospitalization Location

Following the collision, Nic Kerdiles was immediately transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center for medical treatment. Unfortunately, he succumbed to his injuries at the hospital.

Hospital Location:

Vanderbilt University Medical Center, located in Nashville, Tennessee, is renowned for its world-class healthcare services and advanced medical facilities. It serves as a comprehensive academic medical center, providing cutting-edge treatments and care across various specialties.

7. Nic Kerdiles’ Career as a Professional Hockey Player Prior to the Accident

Nic Kerdiles had a successful career as a professional hockey player before his untimely passing. He was selected by the Anaheim Ducks in the second round of the 2012 NHL Draft. From 2016 to 2018, Kerdiles played two seasons with the Ducks. During his time with the team, he showcased his skills and contributed to their on-ice success.

Prior to joining the Anaheim Ducks, Kerdiles attended the University of Wisconsin at Madison, where he was an integral part of the Wisconsin Badgers hockey team. His talent and dedication earned him a reputation as a skilled player within the college hockey community.

Notable Achievements:

  • 2012 NHL Draft: Selected by the Anaheim Ducks in the second round of the draft, highlighting his potential and talent as a professional hockey player.
  • University of Wisconsin: Kerdiles’ collegiate career was marked by his contributions to the success of the Wisconsin Badgers hockey team. His skillset and performance garnered attention from professional scouts.

In conclusion, Nic Kerdiles’ motorcycle accident serves as a reminder of the inherent risks associated with this mode of transportation. It highlights the importance of practicing caution and adhering to safety measures while riding motorcycles. Thanks for viewing this publish:: Nic Kerdiles, Professional Hockey Player, Involved in Motorcycle Accident of

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